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Hi all,

Were almost done with our current project, to develop a bumper logic processor for future robot projects. We have now put the picbot II through everything from mazes, tunnels, dead ends, tons of corners, and other obstacles such as edges to develop a write up on a generic bumper chip. The article is nearing completion, I have many illustrations to do on it yet. And ill post the whole research paper here for you to evaluate. Here is the first intro paragraph as a teaser:

 eBumper Logic‍

Usually, the first sensors the robot builder installs on a new robotic creation is a frontal bumper. As to what exactly they plan to do with these last resort sensors is generally vague, there is very little detailed information describing the behaviors to implement in the programming. Most books seem to skim over the subject, indeed other than  eturn right for left impact†and  eturn left for right impact‬ most publications move on to other more enticing subjects such as sonar or mapping. So here I wish to fill in that critical gap in information and discuss in more detail the issues that lie beyond simple  ebumper logic‮

More details later!


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