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Hi all,

Ever considered making your very own robot test arena? We just finished our up last weekend, and it is essentially a 2 x 4 foot piece of formica covered particle board, with 4 inch high white rails on all the sides. Here, we will be developing the software and hardware in this "robot play area" for our current project.

We have constructed a small universal type robot that we can bolt various sensors to for evaluation. Each sensor will be one level in a behavioral priority arbitration architecture. Then after we have optimised each separate layer independently, Ill design a PCB. This will be a universal Priority Arb. Arch. Board, with sockets for 8 PIC processors that all run in paralell. There will be three or four digital demultiplexers, and of coarse the arbiter PIC, which we allready have from our PAAMI project.

So our PICbot II project will develop the "impact module", which will have six bumper plate inputs and will contain all essential escape routines and some unual ones as well. A single subsume line output goes high when the chip decieds it must take action upon an impact detect.

Other PICbots will be for developing the other modules, such as IR avoid, sonar cruise, beacon homing, charging, docking, and task planning. Ill post a shot I took last night of the arena on my web site.

Chris comets133@yahoo.com


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