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HI all,

If you watch any football this season from ESPN, CBS, or NBC, look carefully at the goalposts - those teleoperated robotic cameras you see that get all the great shots from the vantage point they are at are my babies - I design, maintain and repair those guys for a living. They are operated from thousands of feet away using a link of sending RS232 serial data over a coax cable.

Ive got the basic platform for our new PICBOT II running. A 16F73 PIc processor sends commands serially to two servo PICs, with software I designed to control them. Our next phase is to develop bumper plates out of double sided circuit board material that is dirt cheap, and can be made any size and shape. My real interest is to improve the AI behind bumper navigation and to design the bumper layer of the prioritized arbitration architecture most effectively. Then Ill do a write up detailing the math, action and bumper design for the robotics community to see.

Chris comets133@yahoo.com

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