11 Jul 2006 cschur   » (Master)

Hi all,

Just got back from 2 weeks in Queensland Australia, diggin dinosaurs and doing some astronomy. Time to get back to the Geobot. I finally found a brush to use for my rock scoop. Its a ceramic core, with stiff nylon fibers used for a hair brush. I cut a 2 inch wide section out of it, and am currently mounting the motor to it. This will be lowered by the new arm we installed 2 weeks ago to the ground, and turned on when it touches the ground. A wire mesh cup will catch the spray of material that comes from the brush, including small rocks and pebbles.

So we have the new arm working fine, the robot is turning around at its destination which is 100 feet for now, and returns very nearly to where it started just fine. The brush collection assembly is the last part to put on, but its not so easy to make!

I keep asking myself where Im going to store this huge robot after we accomplish our goal of rock collection...

Write me,

Chris comets133@yahoo.com

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