9 Mar 2006 cschur   » (Master)

Ok, I havent posted in a while, so heres whats up. The design for the layout of the mutli beam synthetic aperture sonar for our Geobot has been killing me for the past two weeks. Finally its done. Its going to be a 4 channel Devontech array on the front lower bumper, and armored incase of impact with a giant rock. It will work this way: Each sonar will be read in succession, then the distances will be binned into four zones. The sonar processor chip will then determine based on these numbers the maxium danger. This is reported both parallell and seriall to the main processor (Running priority arb.) for the appropriate escape response. This way I can use the new dual PWM tank tread drive to bank, veer, or rotate away from potential obstacles. Its going to look very cool when its done! So back to chopping more lexan...


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