10 Jan 2006 cschur   » (Master)

Hi all,

We have devised a hybrid method of programming our Geobot, that combines the best of Finite State Machines and Priority Arbitration, which we are calling "Finite State Priority Arbitration". With a single processor (16F877a) it is not practical to implement a true multithreaded program, so we have limited the subsumption portion to just when the robot travels from the starting point to the destination.

So far, we have bumpers on the front, and now a daylight readable (and I mean DIRECT Sun) optical wheel spoke encoder on the tank tread. We accomplished this with the IS417 chip, which detects only self modulated IR.

Anyway, our next write up on the tank tread wheel encoder for outdoor use is comming along. Ill let all of you know when its posted!


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