29 Nov 2005 cschur   » (Master)

Hi All,

Bought all the parts and pieces for Geobots front and rear bumper system. After I built the prototype mechanical sytem in Lego, I then did a CAD layout of the real one. For an outdoor robot, which has grippy tank treads the problem of ramming rocks and destroying any traditional bumper is quite real! My design, which I will post as soon as I get a bit furthur along uses one single metal bar, with two 1/4 inch metal rods about two inches apart in the center sticking out. These slide in and out a set of holes thus making the bumper not only go in and out, but the close proximity of the two rods also allows a rocking motion so each side can press a protected lever switch.

Once Geobot has this bumper, I can say it is a robot, and not a motorized cart. The plan is to add sonar next, and use that plus the sun itself to navigate to the collecting field. Geobot will be designed if you remember to autonomously collect rocks and fossils.


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