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HI All,

I want to let you in on a secret - The LM298 motor driver from Solarbotics. This kit is available for a ridiculously low price of $17, and includes all parts, connectors, and PCB, and a very well written manual for assembly and testing. I got 4 of them last week, and the first one I have put together so far worked great. You cant even buy the parts yourself for that cheap. And If you havent noticed yet, the L298 is 3- 6amps and up to 30v motor H bridge driver thats the hottest thing for robotics. I use them extensively at work, and now with the solarbotics kits, everyone can use this fine part.

The Geobot project is in full roll now, Ive put the big 16F877a processor and L298 driver board together, and am ready to mount it on a top board for the motor base, a 3 foot long dual tank tread drive, that is allready finished.

More to come...

Chris comets133@yahoo.com

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