26 Aug 2005 cschur   » (Master)

VacBot progress:

WEll, I decieded to rip out the belt drive, and replace it with motors and a set of nylon gears. I dont think Ill ever try another belt driven system for a robot again! The problem is slippage on the pulleys, causing no end to frustration with precise maneuvers. I have two 230rmp motors left over from the PAAMI project Im going to reduce down and it will give me a precision 1ft/sec travel rate.

I finished the new book "Biorobotics" I got from robot books.com, and have some new insights on insect navigation I can use on the GeoBot project we are starting up on. Did you know that the Calipterus desert and has 20K neurons in its tiny brain? Its eyes have facets of course, but each one has a 2 degree field. Pretty coarse, but thats good enough to navigate. You dont need a megapixel sensor for a robot after all!



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