26 Jul 2005 cschur   » (Master)

Hi All,

I am in the process of designing several optical shaft encoder projects for work for a new robotic motor application, and bought some very promising encoder disk photo reflector chips I thought Id pass on to you. The tiny Sharp GP2S series of IR photo reflectors have a range of only a few mm but put out a clean square wave which can be tidied up a bit with a schmidt trigger or compartor with hysteresis if needed. They are inexpensive at 84 cents each and for that price I got a dozen of them! The plan for now is to see how well they read an shaft encoder disk printed out on a laser printer for positional information. Very cool devices!

My vacbot project at home is comming along. Ive got the wheels attached now, and at full voltage its way too fast. But I intend to run it on PWM and so will shoot for a slow half a foot per second for the task of keeping our carpets clean. Im working on a new bumper design that will consist of those 2x3 small circuit boards from radio shack with four small membrane type push switches from Jameco in between on the corners forming a sandwhich. Should be sensitive, yet take up very little space.


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