19 Jul 2005 cschur   » (Master)

I got around to starting a web page on the vacbot Im working on, based on the "Dirt Devil" motorized sweeper as a platform. This page shows the starting point, before modifications. Ive been busy turning parts on the lathe for the wheel attachements and now the huge 6 inch lawnmower wheels are on it. They have a polyethelene core, and are very light and durable. And for $3 from walmart, they are perfect for the job of carpet roaming. Here is the start page for the new robot:


I bought the box and circuit board, connections etc last night, and will be wiring a 16F628 and L298 to control the twin black and decker battery operated drill motors Ive adapted to run it.

Im all ready thinking on how I want the FSM to control the vacuuming action. Put in the center of the room, then it start an overalpping spiral increasing in size until it hits something with its bumpers. then it goes to the random wander mode. THEN every 5 minutes or so, when a timer in the Pic times out, it goes back into the spiral mode. This way huge areas of the rooms will be cleaned quickly. Corners and agains the wall will be the last to be done.


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