30 Jun 2005 cschur   » (Master)

Well, Ive concluded that the RIS software with the mindstorms kit is truly wimpy! Can hardly do anything with it. But if I keep in mind Im only trying to prove the validity of new mechanical designs, then its ok. Its hard to get serious on doing months of hard work on a robot that you will have to tear apart to get the kit back again when its over with. Enough said on Lego.

Im working on two interesting robots now. The first is a precision navigation robot, to experiment with pinpoint navigaion to a given point and back. Ill need this experience to start the next huge robot project, the GeoBot, a geologic explorer robot that will autonomously go to a specific location (my yard first!) and collect interesting rocks - THEN bring them back to me all by itself. It will be awsome. But first, I am using my PICbot to do the navigation proceedures and get them down.

The other robotic device is to make my Canon 10D automatically take long exposures of the night sky on a tracking platform, much like my Aurora Cam robot. But I will have a plunger push the remote button to start, and then time all the exposures all night long unattended. This will be also a cool project.

Well, thats what Im working on for now, write me if you have any great ideas to include in my upcomming geobot - the rocks are waiting to be discovered!



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