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Hi all,

I am working now on two separate robotic projects. I have to temper this work with my astrophotography (www.schursastrophotography.com). On one front, Ive spent the $200 bux and got one of those mindstorms kits. I always wanted to know why there was such a cult-maddness about that system. I built my first robot with it, a simple wall avoiding light sensing rolling bot, I called XBot. You can see it here (dont laugh):


Now that your done laughing, well see where I head on this. I expect to be able to test new mechanical designs primarily, because the RCX code is so, well, wimpy.

NExt, Im starting a now multiprocessor PIC robot project, NAVbot. My plan is to get a small table top robot to very accuately navigate to precise coordinates and experiment with the CMU cam. The goal is to get the routines and math down to incorporate into the much larger tracked GeoBot which will be an outdoor bot that uses the Stuart M5 tank base that has been stripped to the bone.


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