31 May 2005 cschur   » (Master)

Made more progress on the final challenge for PAAMI. The top most processor in the hierarchy is the processor that will search, identify and grab a soda can, and then deposit into a bin on the top of the charger. Ive programmed all the pieces separately, and they all work, now its a matter of assembling it into a complex Finite State Machine. None the less, last night when the "can search" switch is thrown, the robot goes into a can search routine. The robot goes forward or avoids obstacles then every 5 seconds the new processor subsumes, stops, rotates 360 in 55 steps while scanning for a can with the new can sensor. If a can is seen, it stops, makes the "happy sound" and for now stops. Eventually it will approach the can to put it in the grab zone, and pick it up and go off to the charger.

One issue is the fact that if I dont leave at least 4 to 6 seconds between can find processor subsumptions, the robot has some difficulty escaping objects since it takes a few seconds to go away from impacts. This leaves gaps in the coverage on the zone around the robot to find a can. Right now it can reliably spot a can up to 16 inches away. Pretty cool, ay?


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