24 May 2005 cschur   » (Master)

Hi All,

Havent posted a message in a while, been busy getting my act together for the upcomming Riverside Telescope Makers conference in California. Im giving a talk there.

On the bot front, Ive been struggling with getting the a/d converters working right with Picbasic with the 16f73 device. It works fine for one A/d, any channel, but If I tried to take measurements from two channels consecutively, it would muck up. Finally, I had to use the ADCIN command, and it works perfectly. I now have a can sensor that on the bench gives a go/no go lamp when a soda can is within its beams. Im adding the sensor array to the front of Paami, and have now wired it in to the last level 8 processor. Now onto programming the FSM's for this level!

Write me!

Chris Schur comets133@yahoo.com

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