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HI all,

Another update on PAAMI. We are on the last processor module we intend to implement, the can seek and grab module. Im using a PIC16F73, which has 22 inputs and a nice4 A/d inputs at 10 bits. Its also great because it will hold 8k of program memory. This will be the 12th parallel processor working in her. This weekend, I wired in the servos on the arm including the lift and grab motors, and got the new processor up and running. I was able to FOR THE FIRST TIME to have the robot reach out, grab a soda can and lift it and store it on its back. Pretty cool, ay?

Now heres the freaky part. I removed one of the two boards in the bot, and had it on the bench to add the new processor. But the other parallel processors were also powered up on that board, and were alive and thinking! While I tested power and voltages on the socket for the new processor, the dozen lights or so on the board were flashing, showing status and trying to drive the bot around! Oh man, thats kindof freaky working on a living AI....

Chris comets133@yahoo.com

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