3 Mar 2005 cschur   » (Master)

We have finished our drop off sensor array for our priority arbitration bot, PAAMI this weekend. The final touch was to add two GP2D12 sensors on each side of the rear caster wheel with a small 12F675 PIC to convert the analog to digital and drive the IMPACT processor. The robot is programmed to go forward a short distance ballistically when the rear drop off sensor swings over the stairwell. You can either rotate your back wheel over the stairs and fall off, or back up over it. Either way, its doom. The other sensors were tilted out a bit on both sides of the main drive wheels to add some additional buffering to the dropoff. Finally, Ive done some IR imageing of the GP2D120 and 12 sensors light beam. You may find this intersting, and Ill post some images later on this week, but in essence, the beam diamter is pencil eraser sized in the first few inches, with a sharp edge. At 1 foot, its up to half an inch and by 2 feet up to an inch and becomming very diffuse.


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