25 Feb 2005 cschur   » (Master)

Just a quick note, Im adding two GP2D12 sensors to the back bumper plate to PAAMI today, to watch if there is a drop off on either side of the rear caster wheel. The problem is when the bot rotates and it is next to or along side of a stairwell, the back wheel can fall over the edge, leading to rather disasterous results! the sensors are located about two inches on each side of the castor, and about an inch outboud toward the rear. The processor will be instructed to go forward if either of the rear drop off sensors sees anthing over a 2 inch fall off. Of course, since the sensors are analog, they need a/d converters. Once again the killer PIC12F675 chip comes to the rescue, and I can digitize the gp sensor output directly, and put out a hi low signal to the main impact subsumption processor to enact on the drop off. These cost less than a buk, compared to the GP2D sensors, which are nearly 10 buks!


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