12 Jul 2007 cschur   » (Master)

Well, its been a whole month since I last posted, so here is our progress on the Docking Logic Project. The illustration graphics have been really killing me! So many of them, in such detail. Anyway I only have about ten more to go and ALL of the photos, movies, CAD graphics and yes schematics for the giant article will be DONE.

Maybe after this weekend. Then I have to start writing the mega article for you guys. we will cover beacons arrays, beacon sources, charging teqniques, docking tricks and methods, charging contacts and yes, even some of the pitfalls of the commonly used teqniques.

Im looking at getting this whole thing done in about a month I hope. But you know how that goes! ;)

Chris Schur Sr. Robotics Engineer Image Cam, Inc. Scottsdale, Az.

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