31 Aug 2002 chris_m   » (Journeyer)

I found out that my dad has plenty of electronic parts at his storage. I am going to use some parts to build a beam robot. My dad and I also might build a computer operated robot that will use a PLC microcontroller. He worked with them a lot. We will probably start on it after we build our computer. Since my sis is a computer hog I guess I should build a computer. I still goto read some books that teach me how to build one. Any way I found a really great site that teaches you how to build a BEAM robot. But I cant remember the url right now. My dad doesnt think its a good hobby to build robots. So I just told him I needed them for an experiment ( technically it IS a experiment do to the fact that I need to EXPERIMENT if it works ). He thinks its just a waste of money if I buy the parts. But the thing is,I dont know how I am going to get the solarcell. My mom definately wont take me since she hates radioshack. So I will tell dad if he can take me. Hopefully he will say yes. If that wont work than I will have to open a account in the bank and order it from my solarbotics catalog I should be getting real soon. Talk to you all later.

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