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I am working on scooter. The sound controlled robot. So far I am done soldering the resisters. I soldered the potentiometer. I just need to solder the capacitors and then the transisters then do the mechanical work and work on the microphone. Right now the project is delayed due to the fact that I am at my dads house and dont got the tools or the project here.

I am thinking up a circuit for a robotic arm. I can not decide whether to make an explorer or a robotic arm. I might just make a hexapod. I am still learning about digital logic. Only because no stores around my area have microcontrollers. But my dad has a ton of things I can use for the bot. He has all the gates and everything. So soon he is going to take me to storage so we can pick up some components and a organizer. I can really use an organizer.

Well,guys. This is the final chapter. For my email address that is. Some spammer is spamming my email. With nasty ads. I am going to get another email. With hotmail. When I get it I will announce the emails.

I found out that my dad has plenty of electronic parts at his storage. I am going to use some parts to build a beam robot. My dad and I also might build a computer operated robot that will use a PLC microcontroller. He worked with them a lot. We will probably start on it after we build our computer. Since my sis is a computer hog I guess I should build a computer. I still goto read some books that teach me how to build one. Any way I found a really great site that teaches you how to build a BEAM robot. But I cant remember the url right now. My dad doesnt think its a good hobby to build robots. So I just told him I needed them for an experiment ( technically it IS a experiment do to the fact that I need to EXPERIMENT if it works ). He thinks its just a waste of money if I buy the parts. But the thing is,I dont know how I am going to get the solarcell. My mom definately wont take me since she hates radioshack. So I will tell dad if he can take me. Hopefully he will say yes. If that wont work than I will have to open a account in the bank and order it from my solarbotics catalog I should be getting real soon. Talk to you all later.

Almost done creating my S-1. I just need to get a led.

I bought the stuff I needed for my symet-bot. Only to find that I ran out of flux for my soldering gun!*Scary background music*Hopefully my mom or my dad will take me to radioshack to get some more. While I am at it,I should probably get a smaller motor too. He he.

I finished a robot thats named e-2. He uses a servo controller and two arms. I can transform him from a walker to a robocup player,or a sumo bot. I will soon post pics of him on this site. I am working on a new robot project. Oh,I almost forgot. My robot also breakdances. Remember to come visit sparkjims and I irc channel #robots. Also remember that the server is called irc.mircx.com.

Sparkjim and I made an mIRC channel. The server is irc.mircx.com and the channel is #robots just for whoever likes robots. My nick name will be bart. Sparkjims nickname will just be sparkjim.

I was thinking about the robot I was going to build. I Might not make it quadpedal. I might just make it a explorer and use wheels instead. Then later I might put a robotic arm on it.

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I started making schematics for my next robot. It will be my first robot project. I plan on making it quadpedal. It's going to use 6 servos and a Basic stamp 2.

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