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25 Oct 2002 (updated 25 Oct 2002 at 17:23 UTC) »

Sadly,irc.mircx.com is screwing up. That means we ( Sparkjim,Jim_Mcneat, and I ) are going to have to move the chat room do a different server. Sparkjim's server is still up. I will tell you wich server it is later.

Not much happening right now. I am going to build a programmable robot soon enough.. I will need a latch and two motors. It wont be too too expensive.

Spider bot is officially FINISHED! At last! Well,only took me 3 days. I would of took a shorter time but I didnt have to much spare time. He has only 1 motor. I super glued it to some stiff wire. Spider-bot drags his too hind legs. I used a PNP and a NPN transistor to operate the motor control. A positive and negative wire would be soldered on one terminal on the motor for both terminals for the motor. That causes Spider-bot to move his legs back and forth. Spider bot is powered by a 9-volt battery. He will be added to the robomenu soon. Well,I said I wanted to build a Spider-bot and I did. Can't wait until he gets in the robomenu!

Today I am in a BIG robot building mood. I built two robots today. E-3 and Spider-bot. Yep,spider-bot is finished. And I decided to build another. E-3 uses a LED and a motor as a out put device. He can be used in a mini robot sumo contest. He has too spikes "screws" for a weapon. And it,( Yeah,its weird ) it uses a paper cup for the coverings. I will soon add both robots too the robomenu.

I am starting to work on spider-bot

Well,right now I am saving up to build a computer. Another one. I have a HP at home that is VERY slow. I also need another monitor. BADLY! This monitor looks like one of those dieing computers in those science fiction movies. Well,my dad is going to bring me some CPU's to build a robot. I am going to build a explorer. This will be my first computer programmable robots. I plan on building a eeprom emulator card and putting it in one of the PCI slots so the computer will HOPEFULLY detect the emulator. I will use it to connect it to a intrepreter chip so that the computer can execute the program without me having to continuisly buy more and more eeproms. Well,this should be a good money saver.

I think nso2002 and nso2003 are both the same person. (duh) And I think I know who they are. They are probably those sickos who goto my robot chatroom and flood. I permanantly banned them. And a message to them (if they are those spammers): Hey! this place is for people with brains!.

I just want to give this message to scienceboy2. You seem real cool. I was wondering if you wanted to come to my robot irc chat room. My nickname will be bart. Sparkjim goes there so does relic and so does jim_mcneat. I am usually around there at 3:15pm (california time). You can get there at http://chat.cjb.net/robots and hopefully I will see you there.

3 Oct 2002 (updated 3 Oct 2002 at 17:27 UTC) »

Well,now I am close to finishing scooter. The people that packed my kit forgot to pack the ankle brackets. I am going to buy some quick dry super glue instead. My friend over in anaheim has some. Its really good. (sorry if I sound like I like to eat super glue. But I dont)I will just super glue the holder thats going to hold the gears.

I am working on scooter. The sound controlled robot. So far I am done soldering the resisters. I soldered the potentiometer. I just need to solder the capacitors and then the transisters then do the mechanical work and work on the microphone. Right now the project is delayed due to the fact that I am at my dads house and dont got the tools or the project here.

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