26 Mar 2002 cgates   » (Master)

Havn't been doing much with the robot the last couple months, been busy with work. I have, however, ran accross a couple things worth passing on to the group. I found a navigation tree program written in java script for navigating your personal web site. I made some modifications and enhancements, its currently in place on my web site, but you have to use IE. I still need to make some repairs to get it to work with Netscape. Take a look if your looking for something new to navigate your site. The tree works alot like windows exploer. If you want a copy of the source code let me know.

The other thing I ran accross that I thought was cool was a semi-connductor reference tool. NTE Electronics provides a freeware tool that lets you enter a given part number and crosses it to the NTE number and gives you a link to a datasheet. I was able to cross a box of over 100 different transistors that I've collected over the years in only a few hours.

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