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Been a while since I posted anything. The hollidays have been a very busy time both at home and at work. I pray everyone enjoyed the holliday season. I'm taking a long weekend for new years, I'm planning to update my web site with some pictures of the robot.

My robot project is progressing very well. The motor deck is about 80% complete mechanically and about 20% complete software wise. The CPU, H-Bridge and display are complete. The chassis is also complete. I still need to add hardware for shaft encoders and a line follower. I've put together a software routine that tests the hardware. The test routine isn't fancy but it confirms that the CPU, H-bridge and displays are working; it also makes the robot take off in a straight line, then stop, then take off again. I'll put a short video clip of it on the web site.

I've started planning for the control deck and sensor deck. The motor deck uses a motorola 6808 8-bit processor. It will take commands from the control deck and return data from the line follower and shaft encoders. By breaking the robot into separate decks with multiple processors I get to off load service routines from the main processor on the control deck. The control deck will have a single motorola 68010 processor. A serial port on the control deck will allow me to download and upload data to a PC or handheld device. The sensor deck will have a 6808 that processes commands from the controll deck and returns data from various sonar and IR senors. I'm planning on placing three sonar units on servos. A second 6808 on the sensor deck will probably be used to handel the PWM to the servos.

I'll put detailed plans, schematics and source code on my web site as the project progresses.

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