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Jim, Your not the only one that spends time thinking about or physically exploring robotic motions. A friend of mine here at work and I spend quite a bit of time drawing on the white board tring to figure out some robotic related issue or other. And yes some of the other people in our department don't get it.

All, I've made some more updates to my website. The "6808_bench" project site is finished for the most part. The only thing more I want to do is add soft copies of the datasheets for the major componets. I realize that the 6808 was first produced in the earily 80's, and that 2732 EPROMS and 2114 RAM chips have been around atleast that long. But, I can't seem to find soft copies of these datasheets anywhere. I have hardcopies that were printed almost a decade ago, but why don't the manufactures keep soft copies in some sort of online archive? I've just about exhausted all of my leads on the internet, I think I'm just going to have to scan the hardcopies and post the JPEGs. If anyone has any ideas where I can find these datasheets let me know. cgates@adt.com

I have been making some progress on my robot. I found my problem with the CPU circuit I bread boarded up, forgot to init the stack-pointer in the test program I put together. The hardware seems to be working just fine, I've started working in ernest on the software. I'm hoping to have the first version of the software done in a week or so.

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