29 Aug 2006 cat   » (Apprentice)

What am I up to this morning? Building a website? Where do I start? I guess I'm pretty lost. Can you tell? By coming here I thought I might help remedy that. I'm the king of wishful thinking. I need to come up with ideas to write down on my website. I started out with idea of discovering the secret of artificial intelligence. First there is the axiom of "garbage in, garbage out". Only an embodied intelligence solve it. An embodied intelligence has a closed loop between information gathering and information usage. You can't evolve artificial intelligence without it imho. The most basic sense to gather this information for use in performing useable work would be the sense of touch, You can be blind, deaf and dumb, but if you're numb you're a vegetable. What's the simplest way of implementing a sense of touch, the so called haptic interface? I decided for me it would be to use opposing forces. I'm still working out an explanation of what I'm trying to do. It's easier for me to show what I'm doing than explain it. I need a picture.

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