21 Dec 2005 campp1   » (Master)

This is "Timmy" the ULTIMate TABLEBot all wired up and ready for programming http:/ /www.camppeavy.com/Ultimate/Expand.html. He features differential servo driven 3.5" wheels, PROTOBot bumper, dual downward facing IR sensors for sensing the "ledge", forward facing differential Ping! sensors for sensing the "block", dual servo coat-hanger-wire arm and gripper w/ "Bake and Bend" Sculpy claw, palm switch for verifying "block" acquisition, Upper level swiveling Ping! for finding the "box", speaker for a "beep-beep" voice, servo actuated dual rearward tablespace sensor and reed-switch/passive caster wheel based mobility detector. All controlled by a BS2 Stamp and Mini Serial Servo Controller (MSSCII). Rube Goldberg would be proud!

My goal with this build is to use all 16 pins on the BS2 whether I need them or not. It'll be both a totally pimped out PROTOBot and the Ultimate TABLEBot. I have 3 more Stamp ports and two more available connections for the servo controller. Front and rear CdS cells and a microphone come to mind; any other ideas or suggestions?


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