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Welp, indeed talking about doing stuff didn't make it happen. I poked around a bit on the article... and we had a great meeting the other night <www.camppeavy.com/html/HBRC05Nov1.html> but the improved strategy on Rusty and Springy's stuff didn't even get touched.

Stuff got in the way.

It's just 1 step... of course I was trying to do "1 step" on three different projects... and what am I doing now???

Typing this damn blog instead of "step 1" on any one of 3 projects.


That's all for now.

No it isn't.

You're (I am anyway) always torn (well not always) between a total teardown and adding on. Both Rusty and Springy could use a little bit of both... tearing down and building up that is. In other words I want to tear it down and clean it up but at the same time I would be taking the robot down from its current pinnacle (yeah, right). Hey! Maintenance IS progress.

- Camp

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