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17 Dec 2005 (updated 17 Dec 2005 at 09:07 UTC) »

Okay, I've stripped out all the wires and am starting anew. I've got the mini serial servo controller (MSSCII) controlling the wheels and speaker <beep-beep>. Well the MSSC's not controlling the speaker... it's being beeped by the Stamp.

He looks a bit wirey though The Ultimate TABLEBot

The gripper is made from 2 micro servos, E6000, coat hanger wire and "Bake and Bend" Sculpy. Neat stuff this Sculpy, you cook it at 285 for 30 minutes or so and the material is somewhat pliable. Yes you can break it but it's not brittle like regular Sculpy.

Surprise! Surprise! We have a redesign. I've decided since there are so many servos I'd use a MSSC (Mini Serial Servo Controller). My pin out looks something like this now:


 0 - MSSC - Left wheel 
- Right wheel
- Swivel servo high
- Tail servo
- Gripper servo low
- Gripper servo high
1 - Left bump switch
2 - Right bump switch
3 - Left downward facing IR
4 - Right downward facing IR
5 - High ultrasonic Ping!
6 - Low left ultrasonic Ping!
7 - Low right ultrasonic Ping!
8 - Speaker
9 - Left tail switch
10 - Right tail switch
11 - Palm switch
12 - Mobility detector

... and here's a peak:

The Ultimate TABLEBot

Onward and forward! The Ultimate TABLEBot is constructed but not operational. I actually had to trim it down a bit as it had too many sensors and actuators for the 16 pin BS2 Stamp.

0 - Left Wheel
1 - Right Wheel
2 - Left Bumper Switch
3 - Right Bumper Switch
4 - Left Downward facing IR (keeps it on the table)
5 - Right Downward facing IR
6 - High Ping! Ultrasonic Sensor (for sensing the box)
7 - Swivel servo for Ultrasonic
8 - Speaker (Beep-beep)
9 - Tail Servo (for sensing "tablespace" when reversing)
10 - Left tail sensor
11 - Right tail sensor
12 - Gripper servo low
13 - Gripper servo high
14 - Low Ping! (for sensing the block)
15 - Mobility detector (am I moving when I'm supposed to?)

Now it's time to program this beast and make him operational <Mwa-Ha-ha...>.

The Ultimate TABLEBot

Making some progress on the Ultimate TABLEBot http:/ /www.camppeavy.com/Ultimate/Expand.html

Worked on Rusty some... going to clean-up instead of adding-to.

Did nothing with Spring... except move her in... which is a good thing as it might rain.

Welp, indeed talking about doing stuff didn't make it happen. I poked around a bit on the article... and we had a great meeting the other night <www.camppeavy.com/html/HBRC05Nov1.html> but the improved strategy on Rusty and Springy's stuff didn't even get touched.

Stuff got in the way.

It's just 1 step... of course I was trying to do "1 step" on three different projects... and what am I doing now???

Typing this damn blog instead of "step 1" on any one of 3 projects.


That's all for now.

No it isn't.

You're (I am anyway) always torn (well not always) between a total teardown and adding on. Both Rusty and Springy could use a little bit of both... tearing down and building up that is. In other words I want to tear it down and clean it up but at the same time I would be taking the robot down from its current pinnacle (yeah, right). Hey! Maintenance IS progress.

- Camp

The next step...

Springy : Autonomous Makeover... My next step is to get the Stamp functioning again after the 9.6 volt through servo incident. :-/

Rusty: Smarter Strategy... Currently Rusty tracks the combined lat/long direction. A smarter strategy will be to carousel between working the combined, latitude and then longitude variable(s).

PROTOBot: The Ultimate TABLEBot... New article for SERVO mag. Did some work on it today.

My thought here... if I annunciate my next step(s) to the whole world I'm more likely to actually do it... we'll see.

25 Nov 2005 (updated 25 Nov 2005 at 06:10 UTC) »

The hardest thing is always the next step. The Ultimate TABLEBot needs a check of the Swivel "Ping!" sensor. BTW: If you haven't tried a "Ping!" you're missing the best sensor in the world... so far. One wire ultrasonic; Pulsout... Pulsin. 5 for $100... eat'em like popcorn.

The Ultimate TABLEBot

Did that check... am getting consistent readings as the sensor turns from left to right. Its raw distance time-of- flight is ~5600 or 11200 micro-seconds for about 3'.

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