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1 Mar 2006 (updated 1 Mar 2006 at 06:19 UTC) »

Finished the Ultimate TABLEBot article. Should be in the April issue of SERVO. The goal of the project is to use all 16 pins on the BS2 whether needed or not. Since the Scott Edwards Mini-Serial Servo Controller (MSSCII) controls 8 servos with one pin this proved challenging. In fact I'm currently only using 12 of the 16 pins and 6 of the potential 8 servos. I need to iron out the programming on what I have before adding more actuators and sensors... it can move a block into a shoebox at the end of a table (i.e. TABLEBot Challenge Phase III) and is very animated. ;-)


11 Jan 2006 (updated 11 Jan 2006 at 03:30 UTC) »

Got the servo thing straightened out Timmay and the dual 7805s seem to be working fine. I've verified the "palm" switch and mobility detector <check>.

Now I just need to tie all the programming together to deposit the block in the box while staying on the table.

Currently the robot can move forward staying on the table (downward facing IR) and when he blunders into the palm switch it triggers the gripper. When the gripper is actuated and it "feels" something in its palm the gripper stays closed tight.

One thing I need to do is insert code to use the lower differential sonar to find the block and then once acquired use the higher swivel servo to find the box.

10 Jan 2006 (updated 10 Jan 2006 at 04:21 UTC) »

Note: apparently lucky with the parallel 7805's. It seems but for the little bit of resistance in the solderless breadboard this probably wouldn't have worked.

It's on to the next step... what is the next step?

Oh yes, the upper gripper servo is kaput and I don't have another of the same size... will use smaller size replacement. <optimism> Maybe it'll work better </optimism>.

On second thought I'll use the standard servo... Futaba 3003.

Note: I have resolved Timmay's troubles by adding another 7805 in parallel.

Well I have hit the wall on Timmay 's power supply. As I was programming him for the TABLEBot Challenge it started acting erratic when I actuated all the servos... so I'll be breaking the power into two 9 volt sources... one dedicated to the MSSC II and the other the Stamp.

This is "Timmy" the ULTIMate TABLEBot all wired up and ready for programming http:/ /www.camppeavy.com/Ultimate/Expand.html. He features differential servo driven 3.5" wheels, PROTOBot bumper, dual downward facing IR sensors for sensing the "ledge", forward facing differential Ping! sensors for sensing the "block", dual servo coat-hanger-wire arm and gripper w/ "Bake and Bend" Sculpy claw, palm switch for verifying "block" acquisition, Upper level swiveling Ping! for finding the "box", speaker for a "beep-beep" voice, servo actuated dual rearward tablespace sensor and reed-switch/passive caster wheel based mobility detector. All controlled by a BS2 Stamp and Mini Serial Servo Controller (MSSCII). Rube Goldberg would be proud!

My goal with this build is to use all 16 pins on the BS2 whether I need them or not. It'll be both a totally pimped out PROTOBot and the Ultimate TABLEBot. I have 3 more Stamp ports and two more available connections for the servo controller. Front and rear CdS cells and a microphone come to mind; any other ideas or suggestions?


17 Dec 2005 (updated 17 Dec 2005 at 09:07 UTC) »

Okay, I've stripped out all the wires and am starting anew. I've got the mini serial servo controller (MSSCII) controlling the wheels and speaker <beep-beep>. Well the MSSC's not controlling the speaker... it's being beeped by the Stamp.

He looks a bit wirey though The Ultimate TABLEBot

The gripper is made from 2 micro servos, E6000, coat hanger wire and "Bake and Bend" Sculpy. Neat stuff this Sculpy, you cook it at 285 for 30 minutes or so and the material is somewhat pliable. Yes you can break it but it's not brittle like regular Sculpy.

Surprise! Surprise! We have a redesign. I've decided since there are so many servos I'd use a MSSC (Mini Serial Servo Controller). My pin out looks something like this now:


 0 - MSSC - Left wheel 
- Right wheel
- Swivel servo high
- Tail servo
- Gripper servo low
- Gripper servo high
1 - Left bump switch
2 - Right bump switch
3 - Left downward facing IR
4 - Right downward facing IR
5 - High ultrasonic Ping!
6 - Low left ultrasonic Ping!
7 - Low right ultrasonic Ping!
8 - Speaker
9 - Left tail switch
10 - Right tail switch
11 - Palm switch
12 - Mobility detector

... and here's a peak:

The Ultimate TABLEBot

Onward and forward! The Ultimate TABLEBot is constructed but not operational. I actually had to trim it down a bit as it had too many sensors and actuators for the 16 pin BS2 Stamp.

0 - Left Wheel
1 - Right Wheel
2 - Left Bumper Switch
3 - Right Bumper Switch
4 - Left Downward facing IR (keeps it on the table)
5 - Right Downward facing IR
6 - High Ping! Ultrasonic Sensor (for sensing the box)
7 - Swivel servo for Ultrasonic
8 - Speaker (Beep-beep)
9 - Tail Servo (for sensing "tablespace" when reversing)
10 - Left tail sensor
11 - Right tail sensor
12 - Gripper servo low
13 - Gripper servo high
14 - Low Ping! (for sensing the block)
15 - Mobility detector (am I moving when I'm supposed to?)

Now it's time to program this beast and make him operational <Mwa-Ha-ha...>.

The Ultimate TABLEBot

Making some progress on the Ultimate TABLEBot http:/ /www.camppeavy.com/Ultimate/Expand.html

Worked on Rusty some... going to clean-up instead of adding-to.

Did nothing with Spring... except move her in... which is a good thing as it might rain.

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