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The next step...

Springy : Autonomous Makeover... My next step is to get the Stamp functioning again after the 9.6 volt through servo incident. :-/

Rusty: Smarter Strategy... Currently Rusty tracks the combined lat/long direction. A smarter strategy will be to carousel between working the combined, latitude and then longitude variable(s).

PROTOBot: The Ultimate TABLEBot... New article for SERVO mag. Did some work on it today.

My thought here... if I annunciate my next step(s) to the whole world I'm more likely to actually do it... we'll see.

25 Nov 2005 (updated 25 Nov 2005 at 06:10 UTC) »

The hardest thing is always the next step. The Ultimate TABLEBot needs a check of the Swivel "Ping!" sensor. BTW: If you haven't tried a "Ping!" you're missing the best sensor in the world... so far. One wire ultrasonic; Pulsout... Pulsin. 5 for $100... eat'em like popcorn.

The Ultimate TABLEBot

Did that check... am getting consistent readings as the sensor turns from left to right. Its raw distance time-of- flight is ~5600 or 11200 micro-seconds for about 3'.

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