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Hi Guys,

I though I would share my latest robotics project. Im building a robot tank. I was planning to be able to remotely control the tank either using a normal radio control handset or with a wireless network.

I built a pair of Electronic speed controls for the tank tracks using Picaxe 18 Microcontrollers. The speed controllers take in standard 1-2ms PWM signals and convert them into output PWM drive signals for the motors lasting between 0-18ms.

There are lots of analogue circuit diagrams on how to do PWM motor control for radio control type stuff but not much in the way of microcontroller based projects I found, so I just did it myself and it worked.

I would definatly use picaxes to do PWM motor control again, even though the BASIC interpreter is a bit slow the chips are more than fast enough to do motor control.

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I have a picaxe.net server and I was planning to use that as an onboard computer but Im afraid it just isnt man enough for the job. I was planning to use the I2C output from the board to control extra I/O by sending the Picaxe.net server TCP/IP commands but it just didnt work out. - Not a problem Im going to use a SheevaPlug server to do that job instead..


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