29 Mar 2005 c6jones720   » (Master)

My girlfriend invited all of her friends round to my flat to meet up because we were all going out for the day. I was a little worried that with all the junk and stuff in my room they'd take one look around and think I was a computer geek or something. Not so at all! They came round, saw the droid and insisted that I showed it to them working, those girls wouldnt leave it alone after that!

I dont know if you guys ever get this but I think I've got cyberneticists block at the moment. I used to find that with mobile robots after you've built them you go back and can make them do cool things like programming them to go to a certain point in space and return, or use A* path planning etc. With mobiles there is always something new you can do with them.

I've found that with humaniod robots however after I've built the basics of the torso, I get to a point where I can program the arms and waist to go to different locations, open/close grippers and things like that but I dont know what else to do with it now. I've got cameras and lasers and stuff like that but I think Im running out of imagination....

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