31 Jan 2005 c6jones720   » (Master)

I finally decided to bite the bullet and actaully start doing something with the bits of android on my shelf. I've built a servo waist joint and lead acid battery compartment which both seem to work quite well.

I started playing with hip motors for the two legs (810:1 ratio mind!). I dont know if the thing will balance properly when I've finished it but I'm going to build it just the same. I've ordered a pair of Hitec 815BB servos for the shoulder joints which should allow the arms to lift more than 200g. The old Hitec 715s were good but I ended up burning one of them out with a dodgy PSU.

I swear I'm going to lose the deposit on my flat because of all the metal swarf and solder in my carpet, but Oh well, I cant help being a compulsive robot builder!

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