27 Sep 2004 c6jones720   » (Master)

Hi, I saw this interesting documentary/drama the other day on BBC1 (UK)about the prospect of a terrorist organisation exploding a Dirty Bomb in metropolitan london. At the end, the authorities cordoned off and abandoned a large section of London for a 30 year cooldown period. As soon as I saw that the first thing that sprung to mind mind was Wow! what an absolutely perfect opportunity to use robots for clearing and redeveloping a dangerous area! I should'nt say this, but that is one niche in robotics that needs to be exploited more.

Other thing, - I've just been reading some different books on neuroscience and artificial intelligence. I can recommend the books "Growing up with Lucy" by Steve Grand and "Conciousness" written by two neurologists. The Lucy book is basically a diary of a guy who builds a basic android its got all sorts of stuff about neural nets and vision, although his writng style is not so scientific. The conciousness book fills in some of the gaps in understanding minds. Its helped to explain to me why everytime we write an AI program it ends up being something somebody else already did and is never quite as good as we thought. I think were missing a couple of things in our software, but this is all in the book...

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