9 Jun 2004 c6jones720   » (Master)

Hi guys, I sat down and read both "Brainchildren" by Dennet and "Minds Brains and Machines" by Geoffrey Brown. These books caused me to have a little think about the whole concept of AI. It seems to me that in fact when we actually look at the English language definitions of the words we associate with intelligent behaviour I seems clear that computers and robots employing computers are capable of many (low level) intelligent actions. From my experience it seems to me that there is always this brick wall we come to when we are designing an intelligent system. Im starting to think that it arrises because we focus too much on small areas and forget about the artificial mind entity as a whole. In short I think that nearly all aspects of AI are achieveable at some basic level but true "thought" as defined is difficult to achieve because although computers and robots have needs, they do not have wants or desires. If we can give them desires and wants then I beleive AI will benefit significantly... - Cheers Chris

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