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Well despite the fact that my mates girlfriend dropped my robot from a great height and despite the fact that I couldnt get the camera pan tilt mechanism quite right, the academics really liked it!

The car bomb inspection robot I was working is finished and was put on display at tyhe University of Plymouth (England). To my surprise they gave me the 2004 award for engineering excellence - can you believe it?!

Whatever you do guys.... Dont drop your robots!!!

To Trebuche,working with bomb disposal robots after terrrosts is relatively(!?) easy. Building an actual terrorist tracker is a little more complicated..... If you want to I'm sure you can do it, but when you do give us a shout..

My robot works - All systems go!!!

I've had fun driving it around using the screen on the remote control. I let my mates have a go on it to see what they thought. Everythings looking good.

Only problem is though the 7Ah lead acid battery is a bit heavy so the mission duration is less than 15 minutes - argh!! Back to the drawing board I suppose...

I've just remotely driven my robot out of my room, down the hallway and back again, only using sensors and a TV camera. TV cameras are okay, but you don't get a good sense of depth. I've learned that heavy tracked vehicles are very hard to steer and reverse properly! Just drove over my freinds router - oops!

Im about two thirds the way through building my final year Robotics project. I've built a car bomb inspection robot with cameras lasers and force-feedback sensors. I've got a few issues with recieving telemetry from my bot.

I don't suppose anyone knows anything about using DTMF chips do they?

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