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Ive decided to have all of my Android Electronics assembled for me. I started building the circuits shown on my blog http://c6jones720cybernetix.blogspot.com/ by hand using Veroboard but I soon realised that with one SSC and up to 8 servo motors per limb, using Vero was just too much hassle. I dont mind paying a few hundred quid for the assembly costs. Im going to revisit robot vision in my spare time. I recompiled some of Motter's examples. He really is a true genius but I think I'll do things my way instead..

Lost all the work on my Hard disk! - How annoying thats about 4 or 5 years of stuff.

Did I mention Ive got a new blog? You can see the last android I built here: http://c6jones720cybernetix.blogspot.com/

Im working on a new one because the old one was too flexible.

Well the other day I built another dual servo controller so now I have three controllers.

Ive got a full sized bipedal robot with six degrees of freedom. I have only to calibrate it before I write software to make it walk

I decided to take a break from vision processing and finish off the legs for my biped. (I hadnt looked at it for a while). I spent ages trying to figure out why it wasnt doing anything. I reburned the program into the micros, stripped the thing down and put it back together and was pulling my hair out until I realised the servo connector was in the wrong socket! - Duh.

Put it in the right one and what do you know it worked, must be a miracle.

I finally figured out how to get video streams and still pictures from webcams and analog video cameras in C/C++. (It was a lot easier than I'd been led to believe)

I did some simple vision stuff on my older android project but that was simple statistical motion detection, and that was using somebody else's program to grab time lapsed frames for me.

Now I know how to do that myself, Im going to have a go at the hard stuff.

Whilst Im waiting for the circuit boards for my bipedal robot to arrive, Im going to brush up on all the stuff I learned about boundary, region and edge detection and have a little play.

- Motters was it difficult to use two cameras simultaneously?

Ive added another degree of freedom to my bipedal robot. Now it can balance on one leg! Wont be long until it walks.

Well Ive been closely following James Brutons robot designs and have come up with my own full sized biped mechanism based on similar principles.

I tested it last night under manual control and I think with a bit of tweaking, pretty soon I may have something that walks.

I had a look at James Brutons design for bipedal locomotion and Ive had a go at making a similar project for my Android. Now I think it is possible to make a simple human sized biped using a minimum number of components.

I saw the new star wars film yesterday, you guys have to see it. I actually think its the best one in the series!

When I was a kid star wars was part of the reason I got interested in robotics in the first place. I always loved the way Lucas made the droids look so natural and normal.

In this new flm R2D2 is seriously funky and has loads of new features. I think Im going to dig out my old R2 unit project and put some decent features on it. - I was running out of imagination for my projects until I saw this film, Its definately worth seeing.

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