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Hi guys, I sat down and read both "Brainchildren" by Dennet and "Minds Brains and Machines" by Geoffrey Brown. These books caused me to have a little think about the whole concept of AI. It seems to me that in fact when we actually look at the English language definitions of the words we associate with intelligent behaviour I seems clear that computers and robots employing computers are capable of many (low level) intelligent actions. From my experience it seems to me that there is always this brick wall we come to when we are designing an intelligent system. Im starting to think that it arrises because we focus too much on small areas and forget about the artificial mind entity as a whole. In short I think that nearly all aspects of AI are achieveable at some basic level but true "thought" as defined is difficult to achieve because although computers and robots have needs, they do not have wants or desires. If we can give them desires and wants then I beleive AI will benefit significantly... - Cheers Chris

I wasnt really sure how to guage the reliability of my animate vision system so I wrote a program that would cause the robot to move its head and point with its left arm to where it saw motion. Surprisingly it works with about 80% reliability its kind of odd to see a robot looking and pointing at you when you move about...

One more exam left - and thats the end of my robotics degree I won't have to feel guilty about spending time working on this robot then :-)

My new clas 6 robot is coming along fine.. I've used a combination of serial servo controller and home made control device to make the actuators work. I think it is okay.. The grippers can pick up light objects under 100g and visual gripper tracking works in at least 4 of 9 areas....

I've built a new version of my MR_Head robot (version 3.0) this one features a monochrome vision system and it works! The head is capable of tracking a person (or large object) around a room using only binarised images. I've also got a new metal detector for my car bomb inspection robot. i'll have to integrate this later on (after my exams)

I should be revising for my degree finals. I kind of am but I can't help being a compulsive roboticist!!! Im just halfway through a really simple collision avoidance and detection routine using vision. Im going to use this on a remake of one of my robot heads (Mr_Head 3.0)

Well despite the fact that my mates girlfriend dropped my robot from a great height and despite the fact that I couldnt get the camera pan tilt mechanism quite right, the academics really liked it!

The car bomb inspection robot I was working is finished and was put on display at tyhe University of Plymouth (England). To my surprise they gave me the 2004 award for engineering excellence - can you believe it?!

Whatever you do guys.... Dont drop your robots!!!

To Trebuche,working with bomb disposal robots after terrrosts is relatively(!?) easy. Building an actual terrorist tracker is a little more complicated..... If you want to I'm sure you can do it, but when you do give us a shout..

My robot works - All systems go!!!

I've had fun driving it around using the screen on the remote control. I let my mates have a go on it to see what they thought. Everythings looking good.

Only problem is though the 7Ah lead acid battery is a bit heavy so the mission duration is less than 15 minutes - argh!! Back to the drawing board I suppose...

I've just remotely driven my robot out of my room, down the hallway and back again, only using sensors and a TV camera. TV cameras are okay, but you don't get a good sense of depth. I've learned that heavy tracked vehicles are very hard to steer and reverse properly! Just drove over my freinds router - oops!

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