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I have put a video online about "Dynamically stepping over large obstacles by the humanoid robot HRP-2" which I participated during my research stay in JRL-AIST- Tsukuba, Japan

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My new compilation video about robots is ready! This movie contains fragments of the most important robots we have seen in 2007. Dribbel, Cornell Ranger, Albert Hubo, Prosthesis Hugh Herr, R2D2, Roomba, Robosapien, artificial hands, ARMAR, iCub, DLR arm, Lucy, Veronica, softarm, Nespresso Robot, REEM-A, Roboreptile, Robocup, Schrimp III, flying robots, Jena walkers

Compilation video robots 2007

I have put my compliation videos about different robots on youtube.

Compilation video robots - 2006

Compilation video robots - 2005 - part 1/3

Compilation video robots - 2005 - part 2/3

Compilation video robots - 2005 - part 3/3

I'm currently working on edition 2007.

I finished my PhD about the bipedal walking robot Lucy. The title of my work was "Dynamic stabilisation of the biped Lucy powered by actuators with controllable stiffness"

Dissertation of Bram Vanderborght
Video about the robot Lucy

Site of the biped Lucy

On Euronews Futuris was a report about our robots (Lucy, Veronica, ALTACRO, Anty,...). The movies can be seen on our website. It is available in 7 languages.

Bill gates has written an interesting article about robots in scientific american: a robot in every home

Honda has a site with 90-second TV advertisements featuring ASIMO. The ads depict ASIMO in a museum setting, engaging with a range of exhibits and everyday objects to demonstrate the robot’s human qualities and advanced technology. It closes with the thought: ‘More forwards please’ – which represents Honda’s continual push for technological innovation. http://www.honda.co.uk /asimo/

The well know humanoid robot ASIMO of Honda will come to Brussels on 22 September 2006, the entrance is free.

Place: Tentation (Lakensestraat 28 in 1000 Brussels) start at 19:00

More info: contact Bra m Vanderborght

It is possible to download the conference program and digest book of CLAWAR 2006 here. (Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots )

For those who are interested in the robotics conference CLAWAR 2006, it is possible to register. 9th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots and the Support Technologies for Mobile Machines, 12†`14 September 2006 Brussels, Belgium.

site conference

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