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12 Jan 2005 (updated 12 Jan 2005 at 09:09 UTC) »
Robot makers say World Cup will be theirs by 2050 - interview with Shu Ishiguro, head of Robot Laboratory in Osaka and they have presented an autonomous bipedal walking humanoid soccer contest robot, VisiON. VisiON is expected to play in RoboCup Japan Osaka 2004 and in the next years RoboCup World Cup in Osaka.
5 Jan 2005 (updated 5 Jan 2005 at 08:56 UTC) »

Wowwee has now a mini Robosapien that is 7 inches tall. The original Robosapien is 14 inches tall. The mini functions the same as its big brother except in a smaller package. Mini Robosapien .

Happy new year and I hope that 2005 will bring us a lot of interesting robots!!!

Honda has revealed his new version of ASIMO running at 3km/h!!! Movies can be downloaded from http://world.hond a.com/HDTV/ASIMO/

We have build a treadmill for our bipedal walking robot Lucy. pictures of the treadmill. It will be used to perform continuous walking experiments.

11 Nov 2004 (updated 11 Nov 2004 at 17:12 UTC) »

Science Festival in Hasselt was a great success, 32.000 visitors!!! Media-exposure can be seen here: http://lucy.vub.ac.b e/Press.htm For pictures: http://werk.vub.ac.be/autogallery/WetenschapsF eest_2004.htm ?g=8&p=0

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