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Our altacro step rehabilitation robot and our biped Lucy has been on Euronews, the european news channel. The video in English can be seen here

Answer for Nate Waddoups:

Due to the one dimensional rotation of the joints, the robot can only walk in the sagittal plane, so the robot is attached to a XY-guiding frame, in order to prevent tipping over in the frontal plan. You can see the guiding mechanims in the video.

A new movie of our bipedal walking robot Lucy is available when she walks on a treadmill: Biped Lucy walking on a treadmill. She is not powered by electrical drives but by pleated pneumatic artificial muscles.

We have invented a new kind of actuator and it is called "the MACCEPA". The MACCEPA is a straightforward and easy to construct rotational actuator, of which the compliance can be controlled separately from the equilibrium position. The generated torque is a linear function of the compliance and of the angle between equilibrium position and actual position. This makes this actuator perfectly suitable for dynamic walking, human- robotic interfaces and robotic rehabilitation devices.

. More info on this website: http://mech.vub.ac.be/ maccepa

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Our server was down today because there was no electricity in the building. Now are the movies and the site back available.

I have made a compilation movie of the most important robots I have seen so far

For example Asimo, Partner Robot, HRP-2, Qrio, Wakamaru, Wabian, Lokomat, Asterisk, Paro, Emiew, HAL, Papero, Muscle Suit, Lucy, Tekken,...

Compilation movie (210 MB - 30min)
Compilati on movie small (31 MB - 30min)

Humanoid Robot HR-2

The HR-2 robot was constructed during a period of three months at Chalmers University in Sweden. It has 22 degrees of freedom which enables it to easily move around imitating human motions. The robot is also equipped with stereovision giving it possibilities to perform hand-eye coordination. For that task an artificial neural network is evolved. Furthermore, the artificial brain is capable of tracking faces as well as recognising them. The HR-2 is also able to speak

If added day 8 of the robotweek in Aichi, Japan. with a report of Robot Caricaturist: Cooper, TELEsarPHONE, micro surgery robot, Papero, PBDR Partner Bal Dance Robot, Asterisk, ENRYU T-52 Advance and IMTS Intelligent Multimode Transit System

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