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If added day 8 of the robotweek in Aichi, Japan. with a report of Robot Caricaturist: Cooper, TELEsarPHONE, micro surgery robot, Papero, PBDR Partner Bal Dance Robot, Asterisk, ENRYU T-52 Advance and IMTS Intelligent Multimode Transit System

If added day 5 of the robotweek in Aichi, Japan. with a report of the Belgian National Day and robots HRP2 with human supervision, Wabian, M.M.S.E. "Man-Machine Synergy Effector" and EMIEW "Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate"

also day 6 of the robotweek in Aichi, Japan. This day no robots, only some cultural visits: port and castle of nagoya

also day 7 of the robotweek in Aichi, Japan. with reports of Android ReplieeQ1expo, Reception robot actroid, Smartpal and Security robot

All with movies of the different robots!!!

If added day 4 of the robotweek in Aichi, Japan. with a report of the partner robots of Toyota, the robot suit and a small movie of wakamura! Tomorrow you'll see Emiew of Hitachi, Wabian and a report of the National Day of Belgium in Aichi Japan with prince Philippe of Belgium.

If added day 3 of the robotweek in Aichi, Japan. Thank you Swirling Brain for the tip. I have also repaired 3 movies (golf robot, papero 1 and wheelchair 2) that we're not working of day 1.

Tomorrow probably a report of the show of the Partner robots, I-foot and I-unit of Toyota !!!

I'm at the world expo now in Japan because it is ROBOTWEEK!!!

It is in Dutch, but it contains a lot op movies from here.

Day 1 10/06/2005

Day 2 11/06/2005

Asimo the Japanese-built, most advanced humanoid robot in the world, will be a star guest in Brussels during the European Researchers Night.
The star of European research is a Japanese robot. It is a pity that Europe has not its own humanoid!
An animation of the Altacro project can be found here. This is the robotic orthosis we want to build to help people to walk again.

New movies available of robot Lucy walking on the ground:

Movies of walking robotLucy

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