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Asimo the Japanese-built, most advanced humanoid robot in the world, will be a star guest in Brussels during the European Researchers Night.
The star of European research is a Japanese robot. It is a pity that Europe has not its own humanoid!
An animation of the Altacro project can be found here. This is the robotic orthosis we want to build to help people to walk again.

New movies available of robot Lucy walking on the ground:

Movies of walking robotLucy

The jury of the "Altran Foundation for Innovation Award 2005" has short-listed our project "ALTACRO" amongst the 6 finalists from the 110 projects submitted.

more info

ALTACRO will be a robot designed to teach patients to walk again, providing automated care tailored to the needs of each individual patient. The main innovation of this project consists in using pneumatic artificial muscles instead of electrical commands. Thus a comfortable human- robot interface is generated and the rehabilitation process is given an additional functionality.

Honda presents a new global branding ad - "run/," featuring the new ASIMO prototype.

In the commercial: A moving walkway, at an airport. The new ASIMO prototype and an elderly gentleman find themselves in a race, the gentleman passing ASIMO, ASIMO passing the gentleman. Nearing the end of the walkway it seems as if ASIMO is victorious, but...

To see the TV commercial the "run/" Site

Hitachi unveils 'fastest robot'
Japanese electronics firm Hitachi has unveiled its first humanoid robot, called Emiew, to challenge Honda's Asimo and Sony's Qrio robots. - -> The robot uses wheels instead of legs because Toshihiko Horiuchi, from Hitachi's Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory, said: "We aimed to create a robot that could live and co-exist with people."
"We want to make the robots useful for people ... If the robots moved slower than people, users would be frustrated."
But a wheeled robot cannot move in a house with stairs for example and when wheels are used it is not so difficult to go faster than legged robots.
Robots to offer warm welcome at Japan's World Expo The World Expo, which runs in the central Aichi region for six months from March 25, will be used by Japan as a way to display its technological might, of which a horde of robots is set to be the most potent symbol.
Robots to Watch Children Showcased Robots to Watch Children and Even Co-Workers Among Technology at Microsoft TechFest
Brain-controlled 'robo-arm' hope Scientists in the US have created a robotic arm that can be controlled by thought alone.
New Robots Walk Like Humans. Interesting article about the use of passive dynamics for bipedal walking (robots of MIT, Delft and Cornell)

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