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Brain-controlled 'robo-arm' hope Scientists in the US have created a robotic arm that can be controlled by thought alone.
New Robots Walk Like Humans. Interesting article about the use of passive dynamics for bipedal walking (robots of MIT, Delft and Cornell)

The dissertation (12,6MB - PDF) of Björn Verrelst about the concepts and control issues about the biped LUCY is now available and can be downloaded from our website .

Björn Verrelst will defend his PhD on Friday 25th February 2005 (16:30).

A dynamic walking biped actuated by pleated pneumatic artificial muscles: Basic concepts and control issues

More information can be found on the Lucy site

The 2005 International Conference on Robotics and Automation ( ICRA05) will be held in Barcelona. I will present a paper with the title: Dynamic Control of a Bipedal Walking Robot (LUCY) Actuated with Pneumatic Artificial Muscles.
The theme of the ICRA'05 conference, Robots get closer to humans raises issues in matters related to human robot interaction, in advances and experiences of robots and automation at home, at work, for education, as well as in other emerging areas

The Worlds Most Advanced Humanoid Robot Asimo Meets Members of the EU
The meeting at the Parliament coincides with the European Commission's announcement earlier this month to fund RobotCub, a project aimed at moving research forward in Europe in the field of humanoid robotics and cognitive neuroscience.
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Sega Toys has now some robot pets: POO-CHI (robotic pet dog) and YUME NEKO (dream cat robot) a movie can be found on this Japanes site Near me (Push the green button)

The Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition will conduct a Robot Project at EXPO 2005. The project will feature working robots that clean, patrol, guide visitors, and perform other tasks, as well as prototype robots. More info can be found here

MAN-ROBOT HARMONY Cyborg heroes: By thought alone, people with disabilities can command `Bionic Trousers' to help them walk.

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