27 May 2004 brybert   » (Observer)

Heeeee. No quick response from my latest message to DARPA. Ohhh. This one may take a little while...we're gonna hafta think about this! :) Anyways..another all-nighter which means prolly another post laters. Learning about algorithms and Linux Kernels tonight. Considering hitting Unca Bill up for $$$ even though I won't be using his any of his OS's on my bots....he's a nice guy...he'll understand, right? Still have not figured how I'm going to hit the big boys here up for $$$. To do what I want to do...the price tag is a biggie...we'll looking at *least* $120,000 minimum. Ouchie. Still have no pricing info from Riegl (LIDAR) or Eaton (VORAD radar) and really bracing for the worst. I do have some *REALLY* fancy-smancy stuff quote from one Lidar manufacturer-$100K. Gosh dern...but can it make a good cupa joe? No..well....maybe next rev, huh? Good gravy..$100K?!?! Oh man...and no pretty glossy full color brochures about this to send me? Not gonna work...can't do it. Must have at least *two* pretty full color brochures telling me how I can't even imagine living another day without *this* product. Bad enough fancy Starfire(TM) GPS is $10K easy. Ouch. Well...one things for sure, folks. We're not going to see any LIDAR systems at your local Radio Shack(tm) or Home Depot(tm) anytime soon. Dern...$100K...it all comes back to the basic...do I *REALLY* have to have all this stuff and have to spend countless hours trying to get them to work together to get it across the finish line. I just can't see it. Oh... and the million dollar question...is all it going to take a nice nice *bump* in the road and this fancy stuff to go into permanent standdown mode? Blah. Maybe the ole "you'll help save lives" speech will work will unca Bill. No? Hmmm...dunno. Where's the Maytag(tm) man when ya need em? Oh wait. I've had a Maytag..and I never needed him...sooo...hmmm.

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