25 May 2004 brybert   » (Observer)

Sigh. Oh well. Another all-nighter. Simply could not get all I wanted done...soo...here I am. Got a email reply from Darpa...no..too early to register and "reserve" a team name. Awwww. I was thinkin..."team plaid". It's sooo me...I could come as a fat scotsman-"YOU ook ike a BAAABBBY!" <giggle> Nope. Not commercial enough...would not be prudent. I need professional. Since I'm poor, I'm gonna have to run the circuit with the empty hat extended. I never liked the people with the "Will work for Food" sign. Atlanta Police don't either..so that's out. Big companies based here in Atlanta, tho. United Parcel Service is here as well as Coca-cola and Georgia Pacific. Dunno. Anyways...plenty of time for that..first things first. I need coffee..soo...first stop should be Starbucks and Nestle re: Taster's Choice. See..when you *REALLY* get hooked on 'feine, you learn some things. First, if a buzz is what you really want from your first cup, make that first cup from Instant. Why? More 'feine. Why? Instant is made by the lower-grown coffee beans called Robusta. The higher-grown (and better tasting-more expensive) Arabica beans have less, it's just that simple. Plus..there are many times when I don't want to mess with my french presses and grinder..instant is fast and easy...and Taster's Choice new Gourmet flavor is wonderful. I also sometimes drink soda and tea just for alternative 'feine delivery methods and variety. As a general rule, I don't normally buy regular drip from Starbucks. First, french press is cheaper and better. Second, they have a habit of not having the Starbuck's flavors I really like that way...the Africa coffees are great..Suliwesi and Sidamo. Costa Rican rocks as do many of the blends...Verona, Gold Coast and Yukon. Honestly..if I get any more picker, I'll be roasting the beans meself. Yes..panhandling money for Starbuck's whole bean or to build robot vehicles is not a good option. Dern. I may even have to get a...gasp...job. Oh well. $2,000,000 carrot, peoples. Can I really pull this off? Yup. I really think so.

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