22 May 2004 brybert   » (Observer)

These all-nighters haffta cease...I'm getting to old for this! I have a couple more conclusions to share that may or may not help others with this...your milage may vary. Well, at least I'm sure now to get a thank you card from Starbucks (tm) and Nescafe for all the coffee I have consumed in the last few weeks with all this. First, remember that you heard it here first, folks. I think I have happened upon a geek-only disease. If you're not smart, worry not. If you are very smart...please...get help. It starts simply enough. The person(s) in question get a idea. Mind you-it's a bad one....extremely bad. Suddenly...their life takes a turn for the worse. Maybe it was bad before....but much lower depths are very probable unless you get help quick for this. It drains your and others very lifeforce away..and thosands of dollars of your money, if you have any...and other's money as well. The person inquestion ends up broke...friendless...depressed..and maybe even homeless as a result. It has many names. I've heard it referred to as a "case of the stupids". A certain entry into this Darpa contest has this disease, I believe, and there is no cure. It is contaguous, sadly....I'm thinking about notifying the CDC..but I don't want to start a panic. One thing is certain...it's effects are felt by many. I shudder at the sight of this..ummm..."device"...and my brain goes into uncontrollable spasms of pain and agony. I've thought about emailing this fella...but...see...that's the problem. This disease blinds the person(s) to any opinions that go against what they think or believe...sorta like a brain washed or "programmed" person. Everybody else is wrong and you are right about this...and work on this hopeless project continues. Please people...everybody has bad ideas. I had a few in the last couple of years...but..since I knew about this disease...these bad ideas consumed little time and resources...and died a quick death. Watch for the warning signs...lack of time for anything else than "the project". Sleeplessness...very rapid mood swings. Sudden desire for "Red Bull" or "Mountain Dew" in the super econonmy 55- gallon drum uber-size. Sudden desire to build a castle with very bad lighting and acquire a "assistant" which must have have a hunchback (don't ask me-it's in the rules) and tons of lab equipment. It can only be stopped with help. Please get help...please...for the sanity of the engineering community in general. Please. Let the madness stop. This has been a paid announcment for the new GAMSSS (Geeks Against Mad Scientist Syndrome Society). Donations are always welcomed. :)

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