21 May 2004 brybert   » (Observer)

Hi! Geez. Des is becoming a regular thing with me...this all- nighers are very productive but...this ain't no way to make a livin. Anyways...re-read William "Red" Whittaker's racelog thing...and I've got to admit something. These people are good...*really really* good. Mr. Whittaker even found some humor about the wreck that happened 10 days before the race that I believe cost them the race...or at least contributed heavily to what happened. I'd still like to know more about what happened there on Daggett Ridge...more details..what was Sandstorm "thinking"? I've been putting a tremendous amount of time coming up the "best" design for everything...but the primary CPU is my greatest concern. I'm not sure how much has been written about this...but...it seems to me if we are going to design machines that make decisions, we'd better have a way of back-tracking those decisions build in..like a log. "At 10:23 I made the decision to increase speed 10%" will not be enough by itself without a "why" along with it. It is clear from what I've read they did what they could after the wreck to fix everything...but it just was not possible. Why? Sadly, I firmly believe they never thought this could or would happen. I'm sure they know what happened..but..they may never tell us. $3Million dollars worth of hardware and software...incredible. Maybe we'll get lucky and after they know the truth...they'll share it with us. Anyways..truly one of the most advanced robots built to date.

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