5 Jul 2002 blueeyedpop   » (Master)

ROBOGEEKS.com is coming along nicely.

I have been working diligently on content for it.

Look for articles on the following:

Mark III mini sumo review

Lynx Motion Hexapod III review

Addendum to my optical mouse hack

National Control Devices' Noritake VFD display.

Construction articles

Beginners Corner

I put a lot of time in this week on learning the IsoMAX, the state machine language of the IsoPOD. It's taking a bit of getting used to, but the reap is well worth the toil. Setting a virtual machine which scans an R/C servo back and forth at a variable rate was a really neat thing to see, considering it became a background task, and the processor was still available to me in the foreground ! I have been accused of ``pimping'' the IsoPOD, but simply put, in my opinion, it's the most powerful thing available to the amateur roboticist.

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